WordPress Security Plugin Limitations

Security By Thy NameI’ve got some bad news.  Wordpress Security plugins can only do so much to protect your site, they can’t prevent the majority of Malware.

About 80% of the sites we clean already have at least one WP security plugin installed, yet still get hacked and Malware injected!

How is this possible? It’s simple, the way plugins are designed to work limit what kind of attacks they can block.

Plugins aren’t loaded when a website loads until the server processes the wp-includes directory. This means all files in your Websites root directory (where your index.php sits), and wp-includes, if hacked will load prior to the Security plugin.

Now, this doesn’t mean WordPress Security plugins are worthless, but they are not going to stop a majority of hacks and Malware from taking over, modifying or destroying your website.

So what can you do, what is a better alternative to plugins.

Again, Security plugins are not worthless, they do a good job of blocking brute force login attempts are work well scanning your files.

There are two firewall alternatives.

  1. Web Application Firewall – A firewall will scrub the traffic before it reaches your site, this is a great way to protect your site from getting hacked.
  2. Custom Software Firewall – A script that loads when your site is accessed and scrubs the traffic before your other scripts are executed.

Both are better solutions than Security Plugins, but we recommend one of them in conjunction with a Security Plugin that scans your files for Malware as well.

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