Phishing Using Google and Facebook Via Email

The amount of Phishing attempts are absolutely enormous these days.  Over the last few years and with the help of Google the number of people falling for these seems to be on the decline.  However, sometimes services Google and Facebook offer can exploit the fact people trust these services (well, let’s say for the most part).

One of the biggest problems people creating these phishing scams run into, it there domain or ip’s being blacklisted for phishing, that’s why they generally infect a billion (exaggeration) sites with their phishing content and just move on when one is blacklisted.

They are taking it one step further and now using platforms like Google’s url shortner to be included in the emails going out, then redirect them to Facebooks domain which is where they host the malware.

This goes for any link shortener service such as

Giving the victim a sense of trust and assuming these links are probably safe.

Just another reason to not trust any links in email.

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