Best Free Website SQL Injection Scanners 2018

Scanning your site for SQL Injection is paramount.  The first SQL Injection appeared in 1998 when Phrack Magazine released an article discussing SQL Injections. Since that time SQL Injection has been one of the most prolific vulnerabilities in Website Security.  Still, 20 years after it was publicly discussed, sites are still being compromised, data is still being stolen and bought and sold online.

While developers are starting to become more security conscious, SQL Injection is still responsible for 54% of website Vulnerabilities!  The biggest issue finding Free Online SQL Scanners is because of the sensitivity of the vulnerability. A SQL injection vulnerability is extremely serious.  Due to the nature of this, you will need to at least register on the sites below to start a scan (otherwise you could just scan a bunch of sites and find vulnerabilities).

1. AppTrana

While AppTrana is a smaller Security Company, they are one of the few that offers a Free Online SQL Injection Scanner. In fact their site also scans the OWASP Top 10 Threats.  Just visit their site, enter your email and start the scan. It’s all FREE!

1.  Suip

While this is an obscure website it actually uses the same tool 99% of hackers would use to scan your website for SQL Injections (SQLMap).  SQLMap is a command line tool used in the Linux Operating system to scan urls for SQL Injections.  It’s known as the “Database Takeover Tool” and is the most powerful automated SQL Injection Scanner available.

2.  Acunetix

Acunetix is a well known Website and Network vulnerability assessment company. They have many tools that allow a full security view of your Network or Website.  You will need to create an account for your FREE vulnerability assessment before you can kick off a vulnerability scan.

SQL Injection is a SERIOUS Vulnerability

A SQL Injection is one of the worst vulnerabilities a website can suffer. It allows someone to completely take over the websites database potentially allowing full file system control as well. Data theft or corruption is very common with compromised sites with SQL Injection Vulnerabilities.


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